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          第二步 程序教授在以下四个方面的技能:

          1. 技能学习: 学生获得的技能来帮助自己学习,包括如何集中注意力,仔细听,用自我对话留在任务,并要求功课帮助时,有主见。
          2. 同情 : 学生学会识别和了解自己和别人的感受。学生们还学习如何利用他人的观点,以及如何怜悯。
          3. 情绪管理 : 学生的学习为体验强烈的感情,如焦虑或愤怒时,平静下来的特殊技能。
          4. 解决问题: 学生学习解决以积极的方式与其他人的问题的过程。

          Say the Problem (without blame), Thing of a Solution (save and respectful), Explore consequences (what could happen if...), Pick the best solution (make your plan) Is feeling or understanding what someon else is feeling. Compasion is empathy in action! (ie. Look at her face and body for clues. What is his point of view? How does she feel? How can I help? What is a kind thing to say?)

          Stop - use your signal, Name your feeling, Calm down: breathe, count, use positive self-talk Sharing, Trading, Taking Turns

          Focus Attention, Listen, Be Assertive, Use Self-Talk (Ignore distractions)

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