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          Race & Ethnicity

          该区致力于走在通过的方案,战略和社区伙伴关系的全面阵列关闭成绩差距,并确保所有学生的成就中发挥领导作用。在2009年,LMSD成为该地区的第一所学校系统的目标“关闭成绩差距”作为其战略计划的重中之重之一。目前的工作包括扩大使用学生数据的识别和支持有困难的学生,各地的文化能力强化员工发展计划和差异化教学,夏天充实节目,低成本/降低成本的辅导计划,招募少数族裔的举措,并实施其他的研究 - 中基于业绩的策略。

          The District is a founding member of the Delaware Valley Consortium for Excellence & Equity (DVCEE) and facilitates community and parent engagement around local K-12 issues through the Committee to Address Race in Education (C.A.R.E). The District's minority achievement programs at the high schools (Becton Scholars Seminar at 劳尔网上赌博高中 and 功率 Scholars at harriton) further engage, challenge and support minority students in achieving their maximum potential. The 区 maintains meaningful, productive educational partnerships with universities and national experts and draws on these resources to inform policies and practice.

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